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Affiliate Marketing is the quickest and easiest way to make an income online. You are getting 5 ready to go affiliate marketing businesses in highly profitable niche markets plus a huge bonus package for the first 20 subscribers to buy Affilojetpack through my link!




From : Dean James

Dear Valued Subscriber,

The chances are you are already aware that there's a ton of money to be made online from affiliate marketing, but for one reason you either haven't got started yet or aren't getting the life changing results you had hoped for.

Don't worry, because I have been in that position as well and it's easy to end up suffering with information overload. All you want is a system that shows you exactly what to do and provide you with the tools you need to succeed. The problem is there are so many 'gurus' and products out there, it's confusing to say the least.

Learn From The Best In The Business

The hands down, best way to become successful in affiliate marketing is to learn from the best super affiliates. The 'go to' guy in affiliate marketing as far as I'm concerned, is a man from New Zealand called Mark Ling. Now Mark started making money online with affiliate marketing way back in the late 1990's and he hit the ground running. He has gone on to make MILLIONS online and currently pulls in 8 figures a year.

You should listen to Mark Ling because he knows what he is talking about and he has created Affilojetpack to solve all the common frustrations and hurdles normally associated with becoming successful online with affiliate marketing.

Affilojetpack Cuts Out All The Hard Work So You Can Make Money!

In Mark's brand new program - AffiloJetPack - he is giving you a business in a box solution to affiliate marketing, like nothing you have ever seen before. You are getting a ready to go business solution for ultra profitable niches that includes:

  • 80 high-quality emails written by Mark himself that will make you money on autopilot.
  • 20 articles you can put up on your website.
  • 3 e-books people will love that you can use as bonuses and as an ethical bribe for people to join your highly responsive email list.
  • Customized Wordpress themes with super easy tweaks
  • Squeeze page layouts to build a huge mailing list
  • Easy image uploaders to avoid the technicalities of FTP
  • Free "Incubator Hosting"
  • Website installation with the click of a mouse.
  • And much more!

And it doesn't stop there either, because...

You Are Getting FIVE Jetpack Businesses Straight Out Of The Gate!

It's hard to believe, but Mark is giving you not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, but 5 turnkey businesses that you can unlock inside of Affilojetpack. Here's the deal. Mark has hand picked 10 niches for profitability. Once you're on the inside, you'll be able to see all these jetpack businesses and unlock the 5 that you want. This cuts out all market research or problems associated with entering the wrong niche market. With Affilojetpack you'll be getting the best niche markets and all the content, graphics and tools you need to make a ton of cash.

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All the details about AffiloJetPack are on the next page, but before you go there, you need to carry on reading because I have something very special for you.

A Bonus Package Worth Thousands Of Dollars!

While most people will get the regular AffilloJetPack program, which we've already established is great all by itself, what I've done is arranged for you to get an additional $2,982 in bonuses to help skyrocket your success online. Here's what you'll get if you're one of the first twenty subscribers to take action.

Here's what you'll get in addition to the tremendous AffiloJetPack package:

How to Achieve Top Search Engine Rankings
Plus Resale Rights

($497.00 Value)

Bonus #1: “How To Achieve Top Search Engine Rankings” – Discover how to get top search engine rankings with this video series and webinar that includes resale rights to you can give away the product as your own or give it away as a bonus when you are running promotions on other products. You’ll amass so much SEO knowledge as a result of following this series, you’ll even be able to charge others for the SEO skills you’ll learn which are in demand.

This resale rights license is worth $497..

Marketing Secrets Master Mind + Resale Rights

($497.00 Value)

Bonus #2 – “Marketing Secrets Master Mind” – This course is comprised of 10 internet millionaires showing you their winning strategies for pay per click,  sales copywriting, adsense strategies and more. In this bonus alone you’ll get access to 30 hours of videos and interviews as well as resale rights to them.

NOTE: Mark Ling is currently selling this home study course from his web site at MarketingSecretsMastermind.com for $497 and that's without resale rights. This bonus also INCLUDES resale rights.

Email Marketing Bootcamp

($497.00 Value)


Bonus #3 – “Email Marketing Bootcamp” – This is a webinar which teaches you how a million subscriber opt-in number was achieved with a number of different niche mailing lists and how these lists were monetized for maximum financial return ( get this part wrong and you’ll leave money on the table ).

In this webinar you’ll learn how to write your emails, build a list quickly and how to have people actually wanting to stay subscribed to your list as well as affiliate strategies for really effective monetization. You won’t learn information quite like this anywhere else as this strategy has been applied to over 70 niches. Many people selling online are doing it in one niche or just in the “make money online” niche, which isn’t the case here.

Resale Rights To Email Marketing Bootcamp

($497.00 Value)


Bonus #4 - “Resale Rights to Email Marketing Bootcamp” – Not only are you getting this information packed Email Marketing Bootcamp, you’re also getting resale rights which allows you to sell this recording as a product of your own. You can also give it away either as your own bonus or when you want to promote someone elses product. You also get graphics and a sales letter with this bonus, making it stupid simple to start selling it online yourself.Offering reports is a great way to build your email list, or generate quick and easy profits. But writing your own stuff takes lots of time and effort, and hiring writing can cost a ton. Problem solved! I'll hand you 20 fresh, high-quality reports on hot topics in Internet marketing and online business. Each report comes with everything you need to profit right away (graphics, etc.)

This will come complete with graphics and a sales letter.

This resale rights license is worth $497.


PPC Millionaire Confessions Volume I

($497.00 Value)


  • Advanced PPC Strategies with Gauher Chaudhry - Pay-per-click click expert Gauher Chaudry reveals the CPA (cost per acquisition) strategies that make up the majority of his $2 million + a year income. In this in depth interview, he also reveals surprising, insiders-only knowledge about the industry; from deceptive CPA network practices, to the hidden gold mine of content networks. Great knowledge for the PPC novice and expert alike – find out what your business could be missing!


  • Google Content-Match Domination with Alen Sultanic - A content network master, Alen Sultanic discusses his incredible strategy for dominating Google content network competitors. Also find out secret competitive-spying techniques that will help you find the best, most profitable niches. And why does this internet millionaire advice you to ignore some sales reports? Sultanic covers this and many more secrets of his success.


  • Renegade PPC Tactics with Ryan Moran - How can someone still living in their college dorm room, working part time, be pulling in five-figure checks each month? Ask Ryan Moran. Learn his unique strategies for leveraging Youtube, as well as optimizing his web pages for email opt-ins. Uncover the niches and sub niches Ryan has dominated, and what you can learn from his techniques. An incredible wealth of knowledge for all facets of affiliate marketing.


  • Direct linking PPC Secrets with 'The Google Shadow' - Direct linking can be tricky – but not if you follow Tim's exact strategy that's helped him generate $100k per month. Learn how to build incredibly successful PPC campaigns in the same way as a seasoned veteran. Tim also discloses some of the mistakes he's made, and that you can learn from – in particular the tool that he should have used from day one! Great advice for scaling up your business to the next level and beyond.

    Value : $497



PPC Millionaire Confessions Volume II

($497.00 Value)


  • Insider Super-Affiliate PPC Strategies Stephen Clayton - Stephen Clayton covers tons of brilliant, specific techniques for maximising PPC success. Lowering your costs with multiple sites per product, great software recommendations and personal strategies for link building are just some of the techniques covered in this expansive interview. Be ready to take lots of notes on this one!


  • Millionaire PPC Tips with Alex Goad - Learn how to multiply your sales as much as five percent by creating relationships with customers. Alex achieves amazing sign up rates for his newletters – find out the psychology behind his strategy, and why it's so successful. Find out the precise style of landing page that has helped Alex maintain his $65k per month income, and discover how you can leverage one-off events like sporting matches to deliver incredible volumes of cheap, convertible traffic.


  • How to Ambush Google Adwords with Andrew X - Build your business and not someone else's with Andrew's top-secret strategies. Find out why it's not always best to follow Google's advice, and the single biggest mistake most people make when they start out with PPC. Get started on limited funds and how to build up your quality score to secure the most competitive PPC costs. And what word should you NEVER use in an ad advertising on a product name?


  • PPC Kahuna Strategies with Jason Katzenback - Focusing on increasing the profitability of your existing campagins, Jason goes in depth of brilliant refining strategies for getting the most out of your business. Find out what tools and software Jason finds particularly helpful – much of which is free! He also tells an interesting story about how he made heaps of money on a single ad that he was planning on deleting, and how you can apply what he learnt!

          Value $497

So you’re getting a total of $2,982 worth of bonus material all  for FREE when you’re one of the first 20 people to sign up for Mark Ling's AffiloJetPack through my link below .

Ok Dean, this sounds great, I’m ready to order Affilojetpack and claim your bonus, so what do I need to do now?

Don’t worry it’s really simple. All you need to do in order to get your Affilojetpack Bonus is follow the steps below…

How To Claim Your Bonuses:

(Valid For First 20 Customers Only!)

Step #1: Clear out the cookies in your browser, just to make sure our affiliate cookie gets tracked.
  • IE: Select Tools/Internet Options and click the "Delete Cookies" button.

  • FireFox: Select Tools/Options, then click "Privacy" on the left and from the new screen, click the "Clear" button next to "Cookies."

Step #2: Order Mark Ling's "AffiloJetPack" from me using this link right now:

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Step #3: Email me your receipt to me at bonus@dean-james.com to claim your copy of this massive bonus package.

The above 3 steps are all you need to do in order to get access to Affilojetpack and claim this bonus package worth $2,982. Mark also tells me that he is giving away some cool "fast action bonuses" for people that buy now.

DON'T delay or you will miss out on these bonuses, so check out Affilojetpack now and get it while they are still available.

To Your Success ,

Dean James

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